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Monday, March 21, 2016

Its been a month since my last post and time for a quick update on our liver transplant process. As part of the surgery preparation, Scott met with his surgeon to evaluate his condition and go over next steps and his options.  In this meeting, Scott's surgeon deemed his health good enough to risk postponing his surgery for a couple of months.  The reasoning behind this was to make sure that my part as a live donor was only used as a last option.  At the same time, Scott was placed at the top of the liver donor waiting list to assure every possibility was given for him to receive a liver through traditional means.  The whole reasoning of this was to protect me from the risks involved in this surgery.

So to simply state what is happening.  We have set a final date for our surgery for May 17th.  If before that date Scott receives a liver through traditional means, then my part in the process is over. If this does not happen, I will be going into surgery on May 17th and donating my liver to Scott.  In all of this we are hoping for the best in either scenario.   There is a lot of preparation that needs to take place for this to happen and we would both appreciate your prayers and support.

I am very grateful for all the encouragement, support and love I have received since making this decision.  I want to also publicly thank my son Jeremiah, who spent so much time in helping set up, film and produce a short video of our situation.  He did this without hesitation and with such compassion.  It has been a very helpful tool in getting the word out.  I hope you can take a  moment to watch the video he produced.

I also would like to personally ask that you share this post and information in any way you can.  It is very rare when we are given such a tangible and real means to save a life.  You can be a huge part in the process of changing Scott's life and the future of his precious family for ever.  For more details on Scott, please watch the video below and follow the link to our GoFund account for a better understanding of the story of my dear friend and his family.

To help support or advocate for us, please share a link to this post and/or our gofund account below. Blessings to you all for your part in the process!