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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pressing In

Many of you know that Monique and I have had  a lot of difficulties since deciding to adopt.  There is no question that when you make a decision in anything that makes an advance in Gods Kingdom then you are asking for resistance from the enemy.  The closser we get to our goal it seems the tougher it has been.  So I have often said we are under attack and I know without a doubt that we have had attacks but yesterday I began to realize that maybe not all of them have been.  Like so many marriages we have had difficulties and challenges but we press though them and try to make advances but for us there have been buttons or areas of our relationship that are often sensitive and can easily erupt into "Fights".  It has been those areas that we have been constantly hammered at in the last 6 to 8 months.  What I forgot until yesterday was that I had been asking God to strengthen our marriage and relationship so that when we have these new children our marriage is not a hinderance to the process.  I had one of those duh moments as I began to realise that God has been probably pressing those sensitive areas so that we would work on them.  It has made us realize we need to focus on our communication skills so we signed up for a 4 week communication class.  I find God very funny at times the way He gets us to move forward in areas of our lifes.  Let me encourage any of you that have areas that seem to be weakness to stop running from it but to press in until you get a victory.  I will say honestly it AINT fun but so worth it.  Would love your prayers as I learn to communicate better.  Chris