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Sunday, May 11, 2014

A quick post as we take off to Georgia the Country NOT the state.

Twenty five more hours and we will land in Tbilisi Georgia.  Currently I am sitting in our plane in Denver Colorado with snow on the windows waiting for the planes deicing to finish. At this time, I find myself surprisingly calm and at peace.  This is a far cry from how I felt the last two trips to Eastern Europe.  Those two trips were filled with anxiety and so many fears of the unknowns.   Not sure what the difference is this time, maybe it's a bit of denial or maybe more experience but I hope instead that there has been a level of faith and trust that has developed in the process since.  The recent invasion of Russia into eastern Ukraine and turmoil in Kiev have changed my world views tremendously.  Somewhere in watching these world events unfold and a realization that close friends lives and safety hang in the balance daily put into perspective my own stupid fears and life.  Not sure exactly what caused the paradigm shift but whatever it is I hope it sticks.  I do believe that life should be lived regardless of fear or uncomfortably and I do believe that living life requires taking some risk.  As a believer, that risk is qualified by the command to go into all the world.

So with that thought process in mind and sleep deprivation setting in (I have a hard time sleeping on planes) here is a sample of what's on the agenda in the country Georgia.
One of the primary reasons we are traveling to Georgia is to meet our teams and partners.  It's these amazing people that deserve so much praise for their hard work and accomplishments.  It is in these meetings that we hope to catch a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges ahead of us.  I am so excited to be able to tour and meet our wonderful mothers and children who have been rescued with KERA Georgia. We are also planning a missions trip in 2015 and we will be working on the itinerary and logistics of this upcoming trip.  Along with this, we will be doing outreach excursions into local villages and taking a trip to Batumi on the Black Sea to meet with some leaders who are interested in starting a transition home for aged out orphans and/or a shelter for abandoned mothers with children. We are planning to take in the sites and soak up the culture and history of this great country along the way.  The one thing I have learned from past experiences is to leave my American agenda and timetable in America.  The reality is anything can happen and we must be flexible to change as we go.  I believe it is in this flexibility that God is allowed to tweak our plans for his better purposes.  So here is to the journey that I expect will be an incredible experience and adventure.   Well it's now about 16 more hours till touchdown in Tbilisi after our layover in Detroit Michigan.  Next stop Amsterdam, Netherlands!

We can make our plans, but the lord determines our steps. (Proverbs 16:9 NLT)

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