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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Slava Ukraini

Although Ukraine and its current social and political issues are always on my mind, I have yet to publish a post of my thoughts on the current events.  If you follow me on Facebook, this is completely the opposite.  You can at anytime find current events and my opinions.  Today I feel the need to write and in some ways this is my therapy for the pain I feel inside for this people that is suffering so greatly.  I ask you to bear with me as I put in words, my heart that is breaking for a country and its people I care deeply about.

Today the news is full of pictures and articles that show the dead and talk of the increase in violence on the streets of Kiev.  Hundreds have died and are missing, as this country tries to advance towards a better future and not slip backwards into a dictatorship and even more corrupt society. My heart breaks for this people that never stops to amaze me in their strength and persistence.  I think of those who actively work in this country day in an day out to rescue those who are hurting and who have been forgotten.  I talk with them and read their posts and I know what they feel and grieve for them.  I have always believed in a Ukraine that was lifting itself out of years of abuse and corruption.  Stalin and Hitler waged their campaigns of hate and destruction on much of this land and yet out of the starvation, death and ashes, a people rose out of it, stronger and more determined. Today these same people continue to believe and fight for a better future and I too believe in what they are standing for. 

Why do I and so many of us work in humanitarian occupations?  For me it is simple, I believe in the people and the countries I work with.  I believe that in time they too will find greatness and be able to provide for their own but in the meanwhile they need a helping hand along the way.  Jesus did the same when he walked on this earth.  He often met the person at their need and rescued them from their immediate circumstances.  Afterwards, He guided them to a better way and in the process gave them hope. Sometimes our needs and hurts become overwhelming and that is all we can see at the moment.  So,when we adopt, rescue a woman from prostitution, save a family, provide education or give hope to an individual, I am always believing that not only are we changing their futures but in essence we are changing a people, a society and eventually a country for the better.  In essence we are giving them a vision of hope for a better tomorrow. I am always working in the now and in the future at the same time, forever optimistic of what we can do if we join our hands in unity as a people.  In Ukraine, thousands stand believing in this same principle that what they are doing today will change the future of their country.

I often wonder why Ukraine is so much in my blood and why a small post soviet state has affected me so greatly.  I honestly don't know but somewhere along the way it has.  Maybe it was the weeks we spent struggling to adopt our two children or maybe it was the weeks I've spent with orphaned children and kids from hard places.  Maybe it was the people I have worked with along the way who have inspired me with their determination and hearts of compassion in the midst of so many great odds.  Whatever the case, I stand today in awe of them and I pray that they will succeed as the continue to stand and believe that what they are fighting for and dying for is not in vain! 

Slava Ukraini

Vision for the Children International