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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Just a cup of Joe

I read recently a thought provoking statement "If money is the only problem then there is no problem.". I had to really dwell upon that for awhile to understand the meaning.  For the many of us living paycheck to paycheck, money is the problem but is that what it is trying to say?  I think what it implies is if it can be fixed by money then the problem is fixable and really just an issue of resources.  Look at it this way,  if the problem is hurt, emotions, lack of love, or loneliness, well money cant buy you love as the great Beatles song says.  For the many of us in non profits who care and spend every waking moment passionately pursuing the needs of others, I have found there are plenty of individuals who will give there lives but lack the resources to get things done.  This is when money becomes the problem that binds our hands and feet and makes us unable to put into action sometimes the most obvious solutions to the problem.   But is money really the problem?  I don't think so, there is plenty to be had and in my great country we spend it like water.  Day after day we buy stuff that ends up in our trash cans or stuck in a closet until we decide to get rid of it.  For me it's the three dollar Starbucks coffee I am unwilling to part with.  I have been told that for 5 dollars I could save the life of a child by providing necessary medicine and food.  Who among us could  look at a child in front of him with a price tag of 5 bucks on his life, who would not gladly sacrifice their cup of joe in exchange?  So is money the problem or just our indifference to the needs before us the real problem?  As the good book says "You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye. "(Matthew 7:5 NIV). So I speak to myself and any willing to listen.  

Some of the greatest changes and moments in history are a result of not one man or woman but of many who were willing to do there part to make a change.  For some they gave it all, for others they gave what they could and for some they just gave a little BUT the whole of them accomplished something great.  Such are the needs of this world!  For me the needs of this world are so great at times that it can be insurmountable to comprehend a solution.  As a result, it can bind me in fear, excuses and the incapacity to move out in faith toward a solution.  It is only when we break down the need into smaller chunks, that we begin to realize we can conquer this world of need.  It still so often times comes down to money.  Money money money, such a powerful word.  Yet like the world of needs that surround us, if broken down into smaller sizes, then money becomes easier to manage.  Do you realize that 100,000 individuals giving 1 dollar or 10,000 giving ten dollars can build a family style orphanage in Ukraine?     It doesn't take much when we share the load to change the world of a child and set them free to enjoy healthy productive successful lives?  $5000 can build a well in africa that serves clean water to 500 or 50 dollars a month can feed a family for an entire month in many third world countries.  In these cases money can buy you love!  It is true much of the love needed to heal others needs money to move the love into place.  Anyone can afford a dollar and many of us can afford to give even more sacrificially.  So why don't we? Why not give a dollar or 5 dollars?  Are we ashamed to give small or is it that we feel that our contribution wont do much?  Let me encourage you as well as myself to sacrifice a cup of coffee or some small indulgence every once in awhile and give to a charity.  Take the time to find a charity and support them.  Be apart of the change.  Let's make a difference in this world we live in.

Christopher Green

Please consider a donation or sponsorship to Vision for the Children International  and help a child in need.  

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